6.36 A Change of View

It’s been a long journey to the jungles where Makana’s great grandmother’s palace sat. This is one of many she’s built in her long tenure as queen. Makana marvels that she has been given such a gift!

Frogs trill a welcome hello as the calming breezes blow over the beautiful grounds. There’s even an area for tribal meetings that look like it’s set up for royalty not just a mere Creator.

“Creator Makana,” Salvius says, “I must caution you upon entering. What if a trap has been set? Let us survey the grounds first.”

Makana turns to the slave. Why does his voice make her knees shake? She should not be so attracted to one of her guards. After all these weeks of travel, she has gotten to know him better. His tribe had treated him abominably because he was born with blonde hair. His mother was accused of mating with someone outside her tribe, and she was cast out. He would have been killed but was saved by their shaman who whisked him in the middle of the night to their local slave hold. Because of his swift agility, he was chosen by Kandor to be a part of the Royal Army. But then Queen Hawika saw him and thought he’d be a great asset to Tribe Wahine.

Indeed, he is very strong and his mind is as sharp as a soldier’s sword. She already relies so much on his wise thinking.

Salvius adds, “Please, my lady. Allow me such a duty.”

Eyebrows raising, she counters, “How are you to guard me if you’re surveying the grounds? I have a Warrior as well as a Master Slave to do that.”

Makana can tell by Salvius’ look, he does not approve but he doesn’t say anything.

Hearing her rank, Kiko walks up. She wonders about this slave who is very impertinent sometimes.

“Newlin and I will be happy to secure the grounds,” Kiko says. Makana is so thankful to have such a strong warrior in Kiko. She feels very safe.

Salvius bows in deference to the Amazon.

After everyone settles into their rooms, Makana has a short meeting. Many changes have taken place on their travels. Her sister, Hoku, as well as Ina and Horus’ daughter, Britta, had their birthdays. They are teens now and wish to choose their duties for the tribe. Makana already knows Hoku’s wish as she dresses in white these days.

“Hoku, you are no longer a child. It is time for you to tell me the rank you wish to hold in this tribe. I do want to caution you that if the ranking is currently being held by a tribal sister, you may not be able to choose it.” Hoku in white signifies she wants to be shaman. Mist Mountain is a wonderful shaman. How could she toss her out of this position for her sister?

Hoku answers, “As you probably know, I wish to hold the shaman ranking. I have already spoken thus to Mist Mountain and she desires to take me on as an apprentice.”

Mist interjects, “Yes, dear Creator, I would love to teach Hoku. She has a spiritual gifting I have seen since her birth. As to my position, you very well know I am about to enter my elder years, and it is my desire to ultimately serve at the temple for the rest of my days. For a shaman, this is the ultimate spiritual destiny.”

“Very well. Thank you, Shaman Mist, for your generosity.” Makana turns to her sister. “Hoku, you may apprentice with Mist Mountain until you become young adult. Afterwards, I will usher you in as our new shaman.” Makana is very happy things have turned out thusly. Mist is like a grandmother to Makana. She has mixed emotions but knows Mist will be very blessed and happy at the temple.

Next, Britta Samai approaches Makana.

“My dearest Creator, I wish to be by Hoku’s side as Priestess. Tribe Wahine has never had a priestess but I wish to also care for a Worship companion. It would be my honor to seek out the perfect companion for you as well as the tribe.”

This shocks Makana as her mind whirs over this unusual request. Does Tribe Wahine need a priestess? Makana knows they are in desperate need of a Provider. The little ones are under the care of a slave and although Aley is sweet and very doting, tradition dictates an amazon must raise the children.

Before Makana can formulate a response, Scholar Tya blurts, “You do realize you may not take on a mate. Neither Amazon nor slave. You must submit yourself to the Maker only. This is your desire? Truly?”

Britta glares, thinking about how brutal her mother was killed in her sleep. “Our tribe is under a curse, Scholar Tya. I believe someone from this tribe should dedicate their life to pleasing the Maker and praying on behalf of all tribal members–both amazon and slave. Is this not something that has been missing for generations? It is without a doubt not a desire but a necessity, in my opinion.”


The loud siren of Sixam throbs in Hawika’s head. Her brother, Hagen, set up this emergency system generations ago, but has never used it in all seventy plus years she has been queen. Hawika is the only one who can hear it. In fact, no one knows about her brother who lives on the distant planet. Even her children don’t know about her brother or how she ascended the throne with the trickery of alien technology.

Her heart races, pounding in her chest. What must have happened to force this meeting? Hawika chats with her brother every month via the secret picture machine but they only discuss their lives–how his grown children and grandchildren are faring and what’s going on in her own life.

She has a strict policy of Hagen not using Sixam’s hoax’s again or interfering. Already her family has suffered enough from the curse that she knows she’s brought about by cheating death so many times.

“What is it, my brother?” Hawika says to the unit that hides behind the illusion of a mirror.

The mirror vanishes, replaced by a screen.

“We have reason to believe your life is in danger, sister,” Hagen’s worried voice echoes in the queen’s bedchamber.

“Yes, dear sister-in-law, please listen to what Hagen has to say.” In all these suns, Hawika never gets used to the alien form of Hagen’s wife, Xetrov.

Hagen’s life has been lengthened due to the same potion she uses to lengthen her own. Except there are no curses on Sixam. Only loving pleasantries as Hagen’s life is easy and his children and grandchildren are very happy and thriving. Oh how she wishes it was so with her own!

The queen retorts, “My life is always in danger, Hagen. We are at war. Surely you didn’t need to use the emergency signal for that.”

He shakes his head and holds up his hand. “Hawika, stop being stubborn. We have intelligence that you have been on surveillance by Mor’s daughter, Alena. She’s an assassin. The very assassin that took out most of Tribe Wahine. Our family! Please, allow us to use our vaporizor. It is very humane and no one will even know what happened.”

Hawika winces inside. “So, you wish to use more tricks then, Hagen? How do you think Makana’s tribe will fair if you keep interfering? The curse will be perpetuated.”

He shakes his head. “How many times do I have to tell you there is no curse, Hawika. That is in the state of mind of the culture. Please allow me to do this. I worry for you. Xetrov has probed the assassin’s mind. She is waiting until she finds a weakness in your defenses and then she will strike.”

Hawika stiffens at Hagen’s blasphemous words. No wonder the Maker is against them. “Then we will amp up our defenses. Thank you for your concern, Hagen, but I can assure you I have the best guards in all of the Amazon on high alert. I am in no need of your interference.”

Hagen puts his hand on his chin. “I do know you have the best amazons and slaves helping but that might not be enough. If Alena scales the walls, I will alert you again. Be on your guard.”

Hagen clicks offline and the mirror shimmers back into view.

Turning around, Hawika knows what must be done.

It is her destiny if she is to save her tribe.

It’s HAGEN! For those of you who are new to this story (and didn’t want to go ALL THE WAY BACK to gen 3,) but you’re curious about Hagen, Hawika’s brother, you can read here for a little insight: HAGEN’S CLOSE ENCOUNTER.

A huge shoutout to RABOOSKI for making Makana’s palace. It is breathtaking to say the least. Why not download it and check it out for yourself? Pretty crazy amazing and I’ll be getting a lot of use out of it for this tribe. HER MAJESTY’S PALACE

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16 thoughts on “6.36 A Change of View”

  1. I was so excited to wake up to a new Amazon adventure with my coffee! ❤️☕️❤️ I fear what Hawika is going to do. Of course, there is a lot of magic, envy and greed simmering in the Amazon jungles. I hope she isn’t going to stop extending her life or she will end it own her own to appease the maker in hopes of lifting the curse for Makana. Or perhaps she’s going after Mor and Alena herself instead to eliminate the threat all together. Hmmmm.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So glad to provide morning coffee reading!!! 😘 I’d finished this yesterday and my daughter asked why I didn’t post it. I told her that some of my readers like to enjoy it while sipping coffee! Lol!

      Definitely loads of magic, Sixam tricks, envy, greed, lust, you name it! It swirls around the tops of the clattering palm fronds. 😉 And Hawika wants to put an end to the curse. But how will she do this? Next chapter! 😎

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hehe! I always post in the mornings too! Of course it’s afternoon for a few readers since we are fortunate enough to reach across the oceans! ❤️

        I can’t wait for next chapter. I do wonder though what she’s planning…😱

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  2. I’m wondering if there is actually a curse or not. Either way, I hope Hawika would let Hagen help her.

    I did forget about Hagen ngl. I thought ‘what do you mean Hawika’s family don’t know about Aulani’ then…’oh…right’.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, it’s been literal YEARS since Hagen’s appearance. After all, Hawika is gen 3 and we’re on gen 6 so I didn’t think anyone would remember him especially since I was on hiatus for a year in between. And Aulani is Hawika’s son, but geeze it’s been a while since it was his time in the sun, too. Bahahaaaa! 😉

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      1. They do. And no need to say you’re sorry! Honestly, it’s hard for me to even keep up. I have to go back and look at characters to remember names if they haven’t made it into the story lately. 😉


  3. Gorgeous palace! Well done Rabooski!
    Man, that’s a serious upgrade for Tribe Wahine 😱

    Live it up, Makana! And get used to all the swol men shooting you those bedroom eyes, ehehehe.

    What IS Hawika going to do? Hm, many options, curious to see which she chooses…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is an upgrade. You should see the inside. 😮

      And yeah…many men here, more to come. 😉

      We’ll find out her plan next chapter! 😎

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  4. Yessss! I finally caught up! I read about a hundred chapters in four days, and I don’t regret it.
    I hope there will be an open casting call soon, I would love to participate in one (or several).

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