Chapter 6.31 Wahine War

Warning: Violence, blood

Shrill cries coming from the Creator’s bedroom penetrate Kanui’s gut. Without hesitation, he dashes over the wooden walkway, hoping he isn’t too late to protect Kalani.

But when he arrives at her doorway, a sinister specter smirks at him.

The evil Simon LeBeoff is back. The man raises his sword.

Adrenaline flowing, Kanui thrusts his sword at the invader with all his strength to strike him down.


It is as Kiko worried. She hears cries coming from the Creator’s bedroom. She must hurry to save her. Oh if only she wasn’t on the other side of the compound! Kiko could only hope Kanui could get there first.

But then a haunting whoosh and a sudden pain in her shoulder stops her in her tracks. To her horror, a large arrow has penetrated her body. She gasps.

Looking up, she sees her attacker. It is as she suspected. Tribe Wahine is under full on attack. Kiko panics thinking about Kanui and what he might be facing . But she will do her best to take down this intruder.

“Who are you?” she shouts hoping to stall another attack of arrows.

“You do not need to know who I am except for your terminator.” The man’s voice is somewhat familiar. It’s as if she’s heard it before.

“You realize you will die today for I can sense your mana is weak and mine is strong.”

“Mana or no, I have a large weapon and you only brandish a sword. Who will be the victor here? You know it will be I.”

Concentrating, building up her mana, Kiko uses all her strength to tear out the shaft.

The use of her mana allows her to bear the pain. She yells, “You will fall today, stupid slave. I will not allow you to attack my tribe and get away with it!”

“My mighty arrow will pierce your heart!” the invader cries, taking aim.

But Kiko is too swift. She knocks the arrow away with her sword and launches her body high in the air. “Aiyyyyyy!” she cries.

Their blades clash, sending thunderous echoes throughout the compound.


All is going according to plan. Finn is beside himself with pride that his tribe is about to annihilate the hated Tribe Wahine. And it’s all due to his brother’s wise battle strategy. Maybe Finn misjudged him after all. Newlin not only has the most mana he’s ever witnessed in a person, but he is wicked smart–someone Finn has grown to admire. He’d follow Newlin anywhere. After this job is done, Finn decides to tell his brother how much he looks up to him. Bury the hatchet and hopefully, they’ll become friends.

The cries from the Creator’s bedroom tells Finn that Kalani Wahine was just disposed of by their sister. And now, Newlin signals for Finn to go to the children’s bedroom and wait on him. Newlin is supposed to slip to the women’s quarters, take out any who were sleeping then come back to finish off the rest with Finn at his side.

Seeing the sleeping children sends rage through Finn. These boys–slaves–are treated like princes. But isn’t that unfair? Finn and his brothers are the real princes for their father is none other than Aulani Wahine–Queen Hawika’s son. Their birthright was snatched from them.

Maybe Finn would wipe out these imposters with his own hand. Retribution for the wrongs done to him and his family.


Unholy shrieks wake Makana as she bolts upright in bed.

Heart pounding painfully, dread almost consumes her. Tribe Wahine is under attack. Someone has hurt her mother!

Grabbing her sword and dashing downstairs, she spies an invader rushing toward the slave hold.

Makana’s trained for this moment. Kanui is a talented master. With all the mana within her, Makana’s feet flit faster and faster until she’s caught up with the intruder.

Flying through the air, Makana uses her feet to knock her down, but the assassin whips her body around to block the move.

And instead of Makana thrusting the blade over the invader’s head, the woman uses great strength and pulls her down to the ground.

Makana is helpless to stop her.

In almost a flash, Makana is staring into eyes filled with hatred. Her blade grazes Makana’s neck in threat.

Out of breath, Makana says, “What do you want? Why are you here?”

Searching Makana’s face, the invader says, “Interesting Newlin didn’t mention a Creator Heiress for it’s obvious to me that you are the daughter of the people I’ve just slain.”

Those words pierce Makana painfully. Mother? Father? No, it can’t be, she thinks. Blinking, Makana proclaims, “Stop this madness now. You will be found out and the queen will have your head on a stake.”

“Why should I care what a dead queen thinks? I will be queen soon. I will gain the position by my own hand.”

Makana desperately tries to whip up another way to stall. Where is Kanui? Or Kiko? Are they dead, too?

The evil woman says nothing more and Makana sees her life is about to end.

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10 thoughts on “Chapter 6.31 Wahine War”

  1. Oh. My. After the first time Simon LeBeoff striked, I didn’t think another creator would die. I was rather fearing for Runoi when he would have gone but this, this was unexpected and it makes me inexplicably sad to lose such a loveable character as Runoi and Kalani, the hope of Wahine, under such dishonorable circumstances. Sneaking out in the last chapter might have saved the two girls’ lives and I still hope Kanui or more likely, Kiko have escaped their opponents and manage to save Makana
    Still not sure if Newlin can endure all that without saving anyone from his former family – his own kid, maybe?
    (Tragic aside, I’m still hoping for a written out showdown between Kanui and Simon LeBeoff. Or between Kiko and Alena. I’m hoping for a real epic fight hehe)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Unfortunately it seems as if both Kalani and Runoi are gone. But I won’t talk about it until it’s been confirmed.

      As for Newlin, we’ll get his perspective next chapter.

      You want an epic face off? Well I will promise and an epic battle at some point that you will be happy about. Right now…we shall see! 😈


  2. Kiko is the only worthy warrior in my eyes…also that arrow very well may have gone through her heart since it was on her left. Just ups the “badass quotient” either way!


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