Chapter 6.28 Revenge

“Lay one hand on me, brother, and you will pay.” Finn runs up, hands clenched.

“Out of drugs today, Finn. Too bad,” Newlin retorts.

Mana power surging, his fist smashes into Finn’s jaw, bone making a painful snap.

“Don’t let him get away with that, Finn! Kick him!” Vance yells.

But it’s too late, Newlin throws Finn to the ground.

And punches him until he’s silent.

Breathing hard, Newlin watches as Finn groans and writhes in pain.

Newlin growls, “I expect you to do as I say, Finn. You are weak and should know your place. If you EVER drug me again, I will kill you.”

Vance claps then stretches his arms out. “Good one, brother! I applaud your talents! Finn deserved that. It wasn’t my idea to drug you and for that, I’m truly sorry.”

“I don’t know what is worse. The one who plots or the weakling who follows it. You disgust me.”

“I am a follower, Newlin. So be it. But now I’m yours. Is that such a crime? To follow those who are strong?”

Newlin smirks. “For you, dear brother, it is. You decided to follow the wrong man at the wrong time. And you shall pay.”

Moving like a deadly viper, Newlin pounces on Vance, hitting him until he flops to the ground.

“I submit to you, brother! Please stop!” Vance’s pleas die on deaf ears. Newlin will not stop until his message is heard loud and clear.

Pummeling Vance with blows, Newlin says, “Oh now you want me to stop. I’ll do as I please and will not hear anything to the contrary. You had this coming.”

Vance tries to defend himself, but the power in Newlin’s fists are too much.

When Newlin is satisfied, he stands, surveying his handiwork.

Emotion pierces him. “I wanted to be your brother. Your friend. And you gave me nothing but hatred. If all you respond to is anger, so be it. But I won’t be toyed with. I am your Master Slave. You will call me sir and do as I say from now on.”


Makana’s father’s words echo in her soul as the days progress. What should she do? A part of her thinks she should stay out of it. Her mother, after all, knows best. She is the Creator! But then Runoi’s sad face and his desire to fight for what he believes in also speaks volumes. Men should have the right to fight for this important cause.

Makana finally decides she must have a meeting with her mother.

“Now what is on your mind, my darling daughter. We haven’t chatted like this in a long time. It’s quite overdue.”

Makana hesitates. How should she go about this? One misstep and her mother will cease the talk at once.

“I spoke with father the other day…”

Instantly, Kalani glares. “This better not be about your father joining the slave army because that subject is not up for discussion.”

“But isn’t it your mantra that everything is always up for discussion? I mean, if people didn’t talk about things, nothing would ever change for the good. Think about slave’s rights. If Queen Hawika didn’t discuss their grievances, we wouldn’t have Daddy here with us right now.”

Kalani’s face pinches like she ate a sour lemon. “Where are you going with this, child?”

“We are a liberal tribe. You even have said it yourself. Our slaves have rights. In fact, they are a part of our family and should be able to decide for themselves what to do. Otherwise, you are ruling with an iron Amazon fist. Is this not what you hate? And yet, you’re barring Daddy from doing the thing he believes in so much.”

“Good point, my dear, but you’re forgetting the truest thing of all. Your father is not a fighting man. He is a cook. A lover. These were the things he was bred for. Not using a sword. And furthermore, he’s as clumsy as an oxen on roller-skates. Do you really think he knows best in this matter?”

Those words knife through Makana. “Mother, it is a hard thing to think about Daddy fighting, but to bar him from going will hurt him to the core. He will not respect you. He will not respect himself. You cannot do this to him.”

“Makana, I cannot bear the thought of anything happening to your father. I love him too much for that. Besides, we need him here. We are down too many slaves. Who would cook for us? Kanui? He’s awful at it. The answer is no.”

“Fine. But I’ll tell you this. If you don’t let him go then your relationship will suffer. Already you’re not talking. It’s been over a week. Think long and hard about this, Mother.”

With that, Makana stands and strides toward the living area. Kalani gazes after her, thinking about her words.

Maybe there is a way to compromise. Kalani’s tires of fighting with her mate. She will speak to Runoi at once.


Alena rushes to report what she’s seen. “Mother, both Vance and Finn are incapacitated. You got your wish. I hope you’re happy now. I think Finn’s jaw is broken.”

“Oh, don’t be so dramatic, Alena. They will be fine. I have a spell that will fix Finn up. Send Newlin to me. I wish to speak to him.”

Cautiously, Newlin approaches his mother. He’s unsure what she’ll say. Will she banish him for hurting her favorite sons? Coming here has brought nothing but folly to him. He might run away. Living alone would feel better than this. “I’m here, Mother.”

“Yes, my son, please sit. I have much to discuss with you.”

Once Newlin settles into a chair, his mother smirks. “Your mana is powerful. I can feel it grow even now. Your brothers will follow your orders without fail. You see what I mean about weakness and strength?”

Newlin nods, so relieved his mother is happy. He feels his bond to her grow immeasurably. It was always his desire to be loved by her. And now instead of being angry with him for beating up Finn and Vance, she’s happy. “I do understand. I’ve never felt mana surging like that before. You’re right about Tribe Wahine making me weak. I’m sorry for it.”

“We shall see how sorry you are. We are allied with the rebel forces. And in order to cut Hawika in half, we are to take out Tribe Wahine single handedly. What do you say in being my general to lead in the attack? And if you do this thing, I promise you’ll be the general of the Royal Slave army once your sister ascends the throne.”

This blows Newlin away. Him? A general? He could only dream to have that much power. And to lead the slave army if he does well. “Take Tribe Wahine out, you say? What does this entail?” His thoughts meditate on Kiko and his child. He would never harm them.

“You will lead your brothers and sisters in the cover of night and like a death plague, kill every last one of them until there is not a heart left to beat.”

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8 thoughts on “Chapter 6.28 Revenge”

    Newlin. You better not kill no Wahine’s!
    Ahh, I’m worried for him, falling under his (very fabulous) mother’s spell.
    There’s no way he’s gonna kill his boo an they bb… right?? O..O

    I’m glad about the mother daughter talk tho, not sure how I feel about Runoi fighting, I’m worried he gonna get killed, butt, I understand where he coming from.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Could Newlin kill his child and love? He does have the evil trait. 😈

      I’m worried for them all! Actually with what’s coming Runoi might be safer in the army! 😱

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Great goodness. I must admit that I do feel for Finn. An unknown brother and former traitor because he belonged to the enemy is showing up unexpectedly and is thrown all honors upon him while they, the sons who have worked for and supported their mother for their whole life stand there with nothing left. It would be unnatural to NOT be deadly jealous. At least with their character.
    When Vance burst out with the drugging Newlin AGAIN, honestly I facepalmed. Like, boy. Newlin was super angry, you didn’t have a good chance he would spare you to begin with. But bringing your wrongs up again? OF COURSE that had to enrage him even more. Not a smart move lol
    And we need to give her that, Makana is very brave. And, actually, a good speaker. After all she managed to really make her mother feel guilty about her decision, and all by logic. Hats off!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Forgot to mention that of course I’m super worried for Runoi and the Wahines in general. Nothing of the past events does bode well for them

      Liked by 1 person

    2. This is so true. You can see it from Finns side. But Newlin was allowed to use his power. That’s what Mor cares about most.

      And Vance is a worm. That tactic only fueled Newlin’s rage. Lol!

      Makana did a better job at speaking to Kalani about things than Runoi. She might make a great Amazon Creator (or queen for that matter! 😌)

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Such an awful mess all around! Newlin won’t kill his love and their baby….will he? 😭😭😭. Will he somehow become the hero of the Wahine tribe and put his brothers against his evil mother or has he finally discovered his own evil and would kill them all. Eeeeek! 😱😱😱😱

    Liked by 2 people

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