Chapter 6.5 Birthdays!


After a long arduous night of labor, Kalani is rewarded with another daughter!


“What should we name her, my love?” Kalani asks her mate. Her heart squeezes with joy just looking at him cradle their newest baby.

“My, another rosy beauty. I’m quite touched by the Maker’s blessing on us, my delicate flower queen! I wish to call her Hoku for it means star. Is she not going to blaze among us like the stars in the sky? I know she will. Yes, dear one, you will be second only to your sister, and I will have to beat the slaves away from you, indeed I will.”

Makana loves seeing what a wonderful father Runoi is to his children–something new for this generation of tribal women. Kalani hopes there will be no war. How could women be so narrow minded to take away a man’s right to be a father?



The tribe is bustling with the news of a new tribal daughter being born. Hoku Wahine has arrived and it is time to celebrate. Kanui feels for his cousin who still lingers in the Pillar of Punishment. Even if Newlin has only been in there two days, Kanui believes he’s learned his lesson by now and should join in the festivities of the tribe.




Meanwhile, in another part of the compound, the Creator Heiress sobs for all have forgotten her birthday with the addition of her little sister. Although she is glad to see the ย wailing babe, she feels as if no one cares for her. Even her father forgot to make the cake he’d promised.


She cries bitterly into her hand. This isn’t how she should be treated. Surely?


Suddenly, she looks up and sees her Uncle Newlin smiling upon her.

“Hello, Creator Heiress! I’ve been away, I’m afraid. I forgot to wish you a happy birthday! Was it everything you’d hoped for? You sure have grown and look ever more the part of a princess!”


Makana giggles. She’s always been so close to her uncle as he often would take care of her during the day when the simpleminded Eila would forget about her duties as Provider. She never understood why the other slaves didn’t like him. “Hello, Uncle. I’m very well now that I’ve seen you. Now my birthday is complete!”


“That is good indeed because I made you a special gift. Come with me and I’ll show you.”


Makana loves her uncle so much that she wishes he was the Master Slave instead of Kanui. When it was her duty to become Creator, she wonders if she’ll have the power to appoint a new Master Slave. This is something she will ask her mother when the time comes forth.


After Newlin gave Makana her gift–a wooden horse which she held like it was made of glass and wrapped her arms about him in a wonderful hug, he makes his way into the family room to take a look at the newest member of the tribe–princess Hoku. He loves Makana like a daughter and feels very protective of her. He wonders if he’ll feel the same way toward Hoku.

But then he notices someone else had a birthday while he was locked up. Kiko grew into a teen–and more than that–she became very beautiful indeed.


Isn’t he lucky she already holds a crush for him? This would be too easy. And he thinks if he could be a mate of one of the tribal sisters, he would not have to do all the menial tasks. Being a mate held more status than being a mere son of the tribe. This is a new decree that was passed only four moons ago, something many conservative tribes grumbled against. In suns past, the law said only Creators were allowed this privilege.


As it is, Newlin is the lowest ranking slave in the tribe. He constantly did all the dirty, disgusting duties.




It is time to throw on the charm.


4 thoughts on “Chapter 6.5 Birthdays!”

    1. LOL!!! Newlin just doesn’t know how to act properly. But you will see his brothers and sister fared way worse than him, so…ha ha…

      Watch out, Kiko! Newlin can be quite charming when he wants to be!!!

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