Chapter 6.1 Trouble Brewing

WARNING: Violence and blood

Please note: (The following is a recap to bridge the events of Generation Five with Gen Six. The regular story will start mid-chapter.)

Tribe Wahine is in turmoil, ripped apart by one man’s quest for power.

In a fit of vengeance, a traitorous former slave, Simon LeBoeff, hunted down the members of Tribe Wahine who executed his sons for killing all their tribal women–amazons–the members of Tribe Cisneris. 


He plunged his sword into Xela–one of Tribe Wahine’s slave and mate to their Gatherer (an amazon who takes care of the gardens and all produce farmed by the tribe.)


And won in a battle to the death against Ricci, another Tribe Wahine slave.


On the run, Simon found Mor Rigan since he knew he had little time until the queen of all the amazons–Queen Hawika– hunted him down and executed him.

Mor Rigan hated Tribe Wahine. Ousted by Queen Hawika for dabbling in forbidden dark arts, she had a plan–to find Leia Wahine, the rightful heir to Tribe Wahine, who was also condemned for allowing Mor’s witchcraft.

Mor asked Simon to bring Leia to her.




Simon has searched through village after village, gathering bits and pieces about where former Creator Leia (a Creator is the chief of a tribe of amazons) may have hidden herself all the while escaping the eye of Queen Hawika’s warriors.

Early in the wee hours of the morning, Simon speaks with an old hermit who lives underneath a waterfall. She tells him that the famed former Creator could be found at this small jungle lodge.


He hopes the elusive woman is at the haunting place for he grows tired of the wild goose chase. He is only going along with the witch, Mor Rigan’s, scheme for as far as it will allow him protection. Then, hopefully, she’ll help him kill off the remainder of those murderous Tribe Wahine despots.


He’s in luck! Simon spies a wisp of Leia Wahine’s famous golden hair.



“Why do you argue with me so, Newlin?” Master slave, Kanui Wahine orders. “Get back to work. Now.”

Kanui is on a rant again. Newlin is so tired of his cousin’s barbaric orders. Not only is it his job to clean all the toilets and fix the disgusting plumbing, but now he’s asking him to clear out the boulders in the back to make more room for building a new playground for the Creator Heiress. There are other slaves who could do such tasks.


“But why must it always be me to do the menial work around here, Kanui? Kandor does nothing. You let him laze about while I break my back.”


“Kandor will be leaving for the palace soon. Don’t you know the queen requires his skills for training her slaves in battle? Now do as you’re told or you will be punished.”


Blah, blah, blah, Newlin wants to say. What a ridiculous excuse. Kanui obviously favors Kandor since he once was his training master. The favoritism is infuriating. But Newlin will bide his time and think of a way out of the work somehow.

A delicious smile snakes over his face as a plot tickles him. “Very well, Master Slave. I will do everything you ask.”


Kanui does not like the haughty look on Newlin’s face. He’s never trusted his cousin. The boy is too much like his mother, the witch, Mor Rigan. Kanui knows he’ll have to keep a tighter watch on him on top of all of his other duties in running such a huge compound.



“Why there you are my sweet rosy flower. You ran off again.” Runoi’s heart squeezes in delight as he gazes upon his beautiful Creator Heiress daughter.


“You know it’s not nice to make Provider Eila worry, sweet baby love.” A Provider takes care of all of the babies and children born into the tribe. Unfortunately, Eila is the worst at it and so, many times it was up to Runoi to make sure someone in the tribe was minding the babes.


“But Daddy forgives his darling rosy angel.” Runoi picks up Makana. She’s been the joy of his life ever since she was born.


“Pway wif me, Daddy!”

“Oh, if only I could, baby darling, but your cousin has me on guard duty today. We are on high alert status, you know.” Runoi almost laughs at himself for talking to his daughter this way for he knows very well his little one cannot understand the danger their tribe was in.



“Oh, good Maker, how can I say no to those gorgeous blue eyes of yours. Well, it can’t be helped then, can it? Horus will just have to wait on me for a few minutes longer.” Horus is a freed man of large stature and many muscles. He is very equipped to guard the compound. But since their place was so huge, it required many slaves at full capacity.



9 thoughts on “Chapter 6.1 Trouble Brewing”

  1. *starts crying* And there it is… And yet again, Runoi sweettalked himself into my heart. Argh. But Makana is adorable and gets a lot of attention as it seems. Well, rightly so since she’s creator heiress. I’m not completely at the latest events though. So the situation is dangerous enough to train the slaves to fight? Whoa, must be really serious. 😮
    Oh, and Kanui looks a lot like Tonai with blond hair, does he?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yes, there is trouble which you’ll find out more about soon.

    Makana is a bit spoiled by her doting Dad! And who can resist Runoi’s charm? Kalani couldn’t! Ha!

    Kanui does look like his father! Ha!


  3. I missed them, too!!!! And your welcome. I’ve forgotten how much I loved writing it. Way easier than Day & Knight. Ha! 😉

    All the eye candy…..yum…

    Liked by 1 person

  4. All I could think while looking at Newlin’s smile was that gif from Parks and Rec where Jon Ralfio and his sister are like: don’t be suspicious, don’t be suspicious! while they are creeping through the woods obviously being suspicious.

    But also, I feel like I’m going to like this witch so maybe I want him to be suspicious 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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