Tribe Wahine

Welcome to the famous Amazon Tribe that created simlit history, going viral after being featured on EA’s Sims 4 blog! This story has had over 375,000 views and many faithful fans.

Why is it so popular? Who can resist those bare chested, hunky slaves, parading around, serving their mistresses with adoring care? And Master Slaves who proudly manage the tribal compound making it their life’s work just to be deemed worthy of the station. Let’s not forget all the gorgeous women, vying for the title of Amazon Queen! A battle royale to the death!

Now, the story goes on…will Queen Hawika be able to stabilize her reign as she wants so desperately to free the male slaves or will there be an amazonian revolt?

Come join us, fellow Amazon!


For Gen 1-5, this story is posted on EA’s forum. Go there to start. (A caveat is when I started the story, I didn’t know what I was doing so it starts off a little silly. Keep reading a few posts and the story will heat up.)

Gen 1

Gen 2

Gen 3

Gen 4

Gen 5

Gen 6 

Chapter 6.1 Trouble Brewing

Chapter 6.2 Plots Thicken

Chapter 6.3 Brat Prince

Chapter 6.4 Rumblings!

Chapter 6.5 Birthdays!